“Generations, Hastings’ Fishing Families”

In 1992 I came down from London to document the Hastings fishing community. Four of those images now hang in the Hastings Fishermen’s Museum and were published in the book Hastings Today. More images from this project will be exhibited in the Houses of Parliament, London, opening January 27th, 2014.

Hastings Pier at night

I have photographed the reconstruction of Hastings Pier for two years, from May 2014 until the celebration of it’s reopening in May 2016. During this time, I have captured the key moments in the Pier’s reconstruction, including the arrival of the Jack Up Barge, the demolition of the Ballroom, the laying of the decking and the building of the Pier Hub. I have also completed another body of work for Hastings Pier Charity entitled ‘Unsung Heroes’ celebrating the workers who […]

Hastings Piano Competition

The Hastings International Piano Concerto Competition was a dream assignment, a week of photographing young pianists from all over the world playing the works of the great composers of classical music.

“Community Health Care”

I have been a contributor to Science Photo Library for over ten years. My main focus has been on the human aspect of health care, rather than the high tech. I’ve recently spent time with Hastings Community Matron, Georgina Hibell. To watch her work with patients is a real revelation.


When I first entered Gleason’s Gym in 1977 I thought I’d take a few quick shots for the portfolio and then move on. A few shots led to a five-year obsession that took me into some of the darkest corners of the Sweet Science