Team Coaching

The goal of Team Coaching is to achieve a more coherent team delivering on the corporate strategy and vision.

By concentrating on making your sales team highly effective, all other issues fall into place. Without the team pulling together, nothing else can happen.

When there is a tight, cohesive team, focused on a single agenda, then problematic issues can be successfully addressed and clarified.

Specifically, with a highly focused sales team, your company can and will enter into new, untapped business areas; prospective markets will be readily identified and exploited; and your company’s business managers will support, encourage and applaud your sale team’s great successes.

Benefits of Team Coaching

The Return on Investment from a coaching intervention has frequently been quoted and reported on by many sources in business and the media. Often, the results simple far outstretch the initial investment made.

Without any knowledge of individual sales reports and projections, it is difficult to come up with an exact representation of the return on investment. However, I can confidently expect, an increase of 10% for each salesperson.

Even if each sales person is working at minimum expectations (which I sincerely doubt!), then a 10% increase in sales of each team member will fully cover the cost of the coaching work.

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