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Feedback is essential to becoming a better teacher; it helps me understand what I’m doing right – and sometimes wrong. What’s most rewarding is learning that in some small way I may have given someone a bit of understanding, insight or inspiration.

Here’s what two of the ‘Wembley to Soweto’ students wrote about the course:

I really wish and hope that “Wembley to Soweto” can be a big tree that grows a lot of branches to let the world know about photography and how what we experience in our everyday life can be interpreted through pictures.” Tshepang Masemola (her portrait here?)

Wembley to Soweto has allowed me to acquire skills and knowledge that was unimaginable to me at first. Our teachers are simply the best, because they have always valued our opinions. They have made this the best learning experience EVER. THANK YOU!
Vuyokazi Manini (her portrait here?)

A few years ago, when LCC’s Business Manager said she was moving to another department, I asked her to write me a bog standard letter of recommendation. Here’s what she wrote:

“John Cole is a loyal tutor who has taught on numerous short courses for more than twenty years at the London College of Communication.
His extensive and varied experiences as a working professional have been invaluable in teaching students photography, as well as the art of survival in the ever-changing commercial marketplace.
He is always committed to his students in every course he teaches – even on a shoot at Billingsgate Fish Market at 5am in the morning!
Above all, John has a tremendous passion for the subject and is incredibly generous with his time.
I would not hesitate to recommend John for any teaching position he applies for.”

In my coaching consultancy, individuals as well as corporations have been generous in their recommendations.

Here’s what two life coaching clients said:

Working with you, John, has allowed me to determine where I want my photography to take me and what is important in both the short and long terms as a photographer, and as a person. Our work together has really helped me learn to enjoy the life style and challenges of being a freelancer. And on top of that, I’ve had very successful business year – thanks to you! Cheers, CM”
“I really did get a lot out of our coaching sessions. I have started to do so many things that I’ve been putting off for years and just by doing something every day, I feel that I’m progressing greatly. Thank you!” – DB

Fuji UK’s Business Imaging Group wanted to explore new ways of working as a team, as well as individuals. They wanted to find a way to focus, rather than fire fight. They were not interested in just another training session, but a different way of addressing these issues. So they hired me.
We spent two days of team coaching, exploring what they felt the issues were. By encouraging team members to be totally honest, we were able to get to the core of any barriers to more efficient and profitable business practices. 

The two days of team coaching were followed up by individual coaching sessions.

At the end of the project, the Group Manager said, “Participating team members found it valuable to be encouraged to step back from their immediate business issues and gain clarity on both their short and long term goals. The whole exercise was really useful and worth every penny.

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