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Workshop 1 – Short ‘n Sharp – The Art of Street Photography

Workshop 2 – Shooting Stock – The alchemy of turning images into gold 

These workshops will encourage you to see the world from a different perspective and challenge your ways of seeing.

I am passionate about helping you develop your personal vision.
I’m more interested in the emotional content of your imagery than technical perfection. Photoshop is a brilliant tool, but it is just that, a tool, not a replacement for the heart you put into your image making.

Complacency and visual laziness are not allowed on my courses.

Whatever you assume, I will challenge. Whatever I say, I expect you to challenge.

I will encourage you, I will nudge you and I will nag you. I will be a pain in the ass as I continue to push you to your visual limits.

I want to inspire you to scrape off years of visual complacency so that you begin to hone your own unique personal vision, using the camera to see the world with a fresh, almost-childlike innocence.

My workshops will be hard work — and fun.

Most workshop days are 9-5 (unless otherwise stated).

Rain or shine.

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