The Rebuilding of Hastings Pier

A dream assignment, documenting the rebirth of our Pier.

Generations, Hastings' Fishing Families

will be exhibited in the Upper Waiting Hall of the Houses of Parliament, London, from January 27th 2014

Teaching at LCP

John was invited by the London College of Printing (LCP) to teach on the newly created "Practices in Professional Photography", a non-degree course for students who wanted to learn how to work as professionals.

"Wembley to Soweto"

one of the most rewarding projects I’ve ever worked on. The aim of the project was – and still is – to teach disadvantaged young people how to feed their families with their cameras.

Placing documentary photography at the service of communities world-wide, through projects, teaching, consultancy and coaching

What I'm all about …

For over thirty years I have worked all over the world as a professional photographer shooting assignments for major news corporations including The Sunday Times, The Observer, Newsweek and Paris Match. I have photographed celebrities, sporting stars and politicians, such as Mohammed Ali, Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, Elton John, Ian McKellen and Alan Rickman. Which is fun, but what I really love doing is documenting ordinary people doing extraordinary things, giving voice to those who may not have a voice of their own.

I have a huge passion for teaching and helping younger photographers develop their self-confidence through photography, as well as enabling them to learn how to make a living with their cameras. I have run international workshops in Montserrat in the Caribbean, Soweto in South Africa and all over the UK, as well as part time teaching at London College of Communication (formerly LCP) and Sussex Coast College.

As a consultant and qualified Life Coach (Coaching Academy, 2001), I have worked with individuals who wish to further their careers in the creative industries, and for a number of corporations, ranging from Fuji UK and The Association of Photographers, to Hayes Davidson Architects and Brandscape Group.

Throughout all my work is an overriding belief that photographs must have an edge, an emotional resonance; images with layers of meaning that go beyond the two-dimensional, leaving the viewer with more questions than answers. Whether it's a World Cup football match, an annual report for British Gas or documenting Hastings fishermen, I am constantly looking to create images that capture that indefinable but significantly emotional moment in time.

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My Latest Project

Generations, Hastings' Fishing Families will be exhibited in the Upper Waiting Hall in the Houses of Parliament at the end of January.

The exhibition, which opens January 27th, will be a very powerful opportunity to promote the cause of the Hastings fishing community, as well as publicizing the work of FLAG (Fisheries Local Action Group).

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