Fine Art Photography

For the last 15 years, I have photographed artists’ work in London and here in Hastings:
paintings, watercolours, monotypes, as well as 3-dimensional art, such as sculpture and ceramics.

I charge for my time rather than for a specific number of pieces:
£285 for a full day (no VAT man).

The fee includes a recce before the actual shoot day so we can look at your artwork and discuss the best way to shoot it.

Plus, I’ll take your portrait in your studio on the day of the shoot.

A ‘full day’ is 8 hours on location, setting up lighting, test shots (which I will ask you to look at with me) and at the end of the day, processing the images to your specifications and then providing you with a folder of high resolution TIFFs, as well as low res Jpegs for Internet usage.

If there really are only a few pieces you want shot, then I charge a half-day fee of £180. But to be honest, you’ll get a lot more value for your money if you round up as much of your work as possible for a full day’s shoot.

After walking in Warren Glen © Denise Franklin

“John Cole offers a thoroughly professional service to artists who need to promote their work properly. He comes to the studio fully equipped with an amazing array of lighting and all the gear necessary to achieve perfection. He takes an inordinate amount of care to ensure that the colours are exactly true. The package that he offers includes files of low res and high res images that is so useful when it comes to printing. I always use John to take my photographs … and confidently recommend him to other artists.” Denise Franklin

What’s best is if you call me so we can discuss what it is you exactly need and how we can best work together.

M: 07958 491179
I: jcolefineartphotos


‘Excalibur’ © Steve Gregory